About Carll Law

Curtis Carll cropped-carll-logo-metal.jpghas spent the last ten years working with people and businesses—understanding their needs and goals, helping solve their problems, and securing them the results they deserve.

He began his career with one of the largest and most prestigious law firms in the world, Latham & Watkins. He learned under some of the best lawyers in San Diego, representing multi-national corporations with millions (and sometimes billions) of dollars on the line—what lawyers call the highest-stakes litigation.

But he was always drawn to working with people who needed help when the stakes went beyond money and were truly the highest: when their business was on the line; when their job was on the line; when their health was on the line. So he spent his years after Latham & Watkins working with other attorneys who had left the biggest law firms to represent individuals and small companies.

There, Curtis represented a jewelry designer in Encinitas who needed her work protected from infringement. And software developers in Normal Heights who poured their lives into creating a product, only to be sued by partners.

Curtis then founded Carll Law, so that he could continue working closely with clients to help them achieve their goals.